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About Nappytastic

One of the most special events in a person’s life is the welcoming of a new life.

Baby Showers are held in all parts of the world and although there may be variations in the practice, the purpose is the same to prepare for and celebrate the birth of a new baby.

A baby shower is a type of party where guests honour the Mummy-To-Be and bring gifts for the baby. Usually, the baby shower is done before the baby arrives, however, in some cases the shower is given a few weeks after the baby is born.


That way the shower becomes a welcome party for the baby too. Baby Showers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK with ‘Gender Reveal’ and ‘Co-ed baby showers’ taking place.


At Nappytastic we believe having a baby is an extra special gift, which should be celebrated and cherished both either before and after the baby arrives.



‪We take care of all the planning of your celebration from the invitation to the decorations to even hosting your luxury baby shower.