How To Plan a Baby Shower On a Budget

How To Plan a Baby Shower On a Budget

In this episode I’m sharing the 5 top tips to planning a baby shower on a budget and one of my favourite tools to get beautiful themed invitations.

‘How can I plan a baby shower on a budget?’, ‘Where can I hold the baby shower that is not too expensive?’

These are questions a lot of people ask me when planning a baby shower for the mummy-to-be.

I’ve been planning baby showers for clients for several years. From extravagant baby showers in lavish hotels, afternoon tea baby showers with plenty of tasty cakes to fun baby showers in the home.

Each baby shower was memorable, fun and left each guest with the “Wow” factor, most importantly the mummy-to-be had lasting memories before her new baby arrived.Whatever you budget is you can plan a baby shower on a budget and still have an amazing baby shower.

If you want to learn how to plan a baby shower on a budget then this episode of Nappytastic TV is for you!Click play to watch this week’s episode and learn my 5 top tips.


I’m giving you the exact Baby Shower Checklist I use, so that you can start planning an amazing baby shower and on a budget!

Let’s dive into how you can plan a baby shower on a budget.


A friend or family’s home is a great venue to host the baby shower. It keeps costs down and you can decorate it to your hearts content! If it’s a spring or summer baby shower a nice garden marquee can be set up allowing you to have more space to play fun games.


Baby Shower invitations have come a long way, instead of ‘snail-mail’ people are opting to send invitations via email and social media. Other online invitation services such as Evite and Paperless are great way to send email invites without the added cost of paper invites and stamps.

Food and drink

Food and drink doesn’t have to be an expensive at a babyshower. Opt for everyone bringing a dish to the event ‘Pot-luck party’ and you can then have a wide selection of dishes for everyone to choose from.

Check out your local food stores as they often have cold buffet sandwich platters, these are a great way to make sure your guests have a little during the fun.

At Nappytastic we particular like to have a ‘Mocktail reception’ drink when each guest arrives. All the fun of cocktails just without the alcohol so that the Mummy-To-Be can indulge as well.

Games and prizes

This is where the fun begins and can be great ice breakers for your guests. When choosing baby shower games we suggest a mixture of 3-4 games, both mentally challenging and also physically. The Nursery Rhyme game is a very popular game, but make sure know one uses Google to find the answers. Yes, it has happened at many of our baby showers before!

Prizes can be homemade such as bath bombs, pots of nail varnish to candles. Be creative in what you give as prizes, we love to give things people can either eat or use.

Download our  FREE checklist  with a special bonus offer inside.


Go to town with your creativity!

Tissue pom, poms are a great way to decorate any venue mixed in with helium balloons, flower walls and tissue paper tassels.Baby onesies and socks are super cute on a washing line around the room make the event super cute.


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